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Most of the vehicles will be shipped within 1-7 days from the first day the vehicle becomes available.  If expedited service is needed, then please request so in the comments section.

Car Shipping

PS Auto Transport is a "full-service" auto transport service provider. No job is too hard. If it has wheels, we'll move it.

Relocation Services

It's that time, and you need to move again. No worries with PSAT. We make the whole process a lot easier by providing you with premium auto moving service.

Dealer Transport Services

We can transport one or entire lot of cars to and from any auction or dealership. New and used dealerships rely on PSAT for their logistics needs.

Best Rated Car Transport Company

Car Shipping & Transport Service by PS Auto Transport is a service relied on by many car shippers, dealers, collectors, and moving families across the country for over a decade.  Integrity and reliability is out top priority when servicing our customers.  Therefore we’re committed to everything we promise.  If anything ever fall through, then it’s on us.  We want our customers to know that shipping your car with PS Auto Transport will be the most pleasant and stress-free experience you can ever have when looking to transport your car.  It’s no mistake that PS Auto Transport has been a 5-star rated company for over a decade now by those who have relied on us for their transportation and moving needs.

How Does Auto Transport Work?

So how does auto transport really work?  Well, the USA is very big country with countless amount of highways, roads, cities and small towns.  What does that mean?  Practically it is impossible for one individual auto carrier to service every possible lane.  As a result the industry has grown to depend on a few thousand small auto carrier companies who service their lanes of choice.  These drivers can practically be at any location at any given point of time picking up and delivering anywhere from 8-10 cars.  Because the carriers are very busy taking care of pick-ups and deliveries the industry has evolved to depend on  car transport brokers.  The brokers are the majority of the companies that show up on search engine results.  Their sole job, for a small fee,  is to arrange the transport of car shippers and those moving across country by locating the closest available drivers.

So when you book your car transport order with a car shipping company, which will most likely be a broker, the shipping company in turn then posts the order on a national load board.  Hundreds of licensed auto shipping carriers use these boards to locate cars across country to fill the space on their trucks.  So if the price is right for them, the carrier will then contact and book the order from the broker who posted the load.  It is important to understand that due to the fact that a few hundred cars can be posted along certain lanes, the carriers of course will book the highest-paying cars first.  Therefore price is the single most important factor in determining how quick a car will be shipped.  This is where one’s car shipping experience can  quickly become a very negative one.  Due to high competition among brokers, some will quote low in order to book an order but as a result will keep the shipper’s car on the board for weeks and months while promising otherwise.

We consumers love low price.  After all, who else keeps Wal Mart in business?  However, it’s important to understand that the auto transport & car shipping industry doesn’t adhere to those same rules.  In fact, nowhere else do you get what you pay for than the car shipping business.  We at PS Auto Transport saw this happening on a regular basis and made a commitment to treat our customers right and that is by being honest and upfront about how this industry works.  We won’t quote low or make promises we can’t keep.  If you are looking for the cheapest car shipping and the lowest car transport quote is all that matters to you then we can help you too, but there will be no guarantee on pickup dates.  The formula is very simple, it’s TIME vs MONEY.  If you can wait, then you might be able to save on transport.  Yet if you’re on a tight schedule, then the price will need to closer to the current going rate.

Open or Enclosed Auto Carriers?

There are two ways to ship a vehicle:

  • Open Car Shipping Service
  • Enclosed Car Shipping Service

Both Open and Enclosed auto carriers will provide a safe and great service.  We generally don’t recommend using the enclosed carriers unless the car being shipped is a classic or an expensive exotic car and you want to completely protect your car from any outside conditions.  The much higher price of an enclosed carrier doesn’t always justify the enclosed service.  Open carriers are very safe drivers with virtually the same safety track record as the enclosed carrier drivers.  In either case, PS Auto Transport can arrange for reliable and safe shipping for both open and enclosed options.

Customer Car Shipping Reviews & Testimonials

Ramsey, CA

Very pleased with how the car was handled and delivered. It was nice to work to honest, knowledgeable, kind people. Would definitely recommend using them to everyone I know. Thanks again!

Vin, WA

Our car transport experience was great. Andrey was able to meet us the same day we called and hold the car at his lot until the truck could come and pick it up. We were then able to pick the car up at a lot in Milton, WA on our way up to Seattle at the time that was convenient to us. Car was in the same condition we left it in. Service was great. Andrey was very professional and friendly.

Sanjay, TX

I had to ship 2 cars from California to Houston Texas area and I worked with Andre from PS Auto Transport, he was very professional and prompt in service. Since my car pickup timelines were almost fixed… Thanks.